So according to Hillary Clinton, I’m a part​ of “the professional never-do-wells”

After Wikipedia decided to release more of Hillary Clinton’s emails this week, it’s been discovered how she feels about black people. Calling Muslims and blacks, basically the class of the professional never-do-wells in life, I think it’s time to reexamine this Democratic party.


Listen! Personally, I’m an independent who voted democrat for the past 3 or four elections. So I wanted to debunk anybody who would think I’m choosing a side or anything like that. I just believe in facts and truth regardless of the smog of fame around a person. I like to get to the bones of a person, and that’s what I tried to do with Hillary while deciding if I should turn my vote from Gray Johnson towards her. While I’m doing my homework, it just so happens that WikiLeaks releases Hillary’s emails.

Now I got tired of hearing about this lady’s emails. I was like what the hell does that have to do with anything. But if you really think about it, it’s critical regarding national security and such. But more important is what Hillary said about black people. Young Conservatives  released an article showcasing what Hillary said in her words. But this made me look at this entire party system, from the floor to the ceiling, and what I’ve found might be shocking.

We all can agree that the “War On Drugs” is a war on black and disadvantage people in America for the sake of federal funding. The “War On Drugs” was initiated with President Nixon, branded and funded by President Reagan, executed by President Clinton, and advanced by President Obama.

The two Democratic presidents did the most damage with enforcing or enhancing the “War On Drugs” doctrine. And no other president in the history of The United States has the incarceration rate of African American gone up so much like under President Obama. (according to the documentary 13) Under Obama, the incarceration rate has gone up 1300% during all of this 8yrs as president. I found this one face shocking not only for the face that he’s the first black president but for the fact that he’s also the president that’s released the most prisoners in the history of this country.

But when you take a look at the hard figures of the effects from both parties, the republican and democratic parties, they are just about equal in nature with how detrimental their effects have been to the African American community. According to figures and stats, you wouldn’t been able to name the parties based on their individual stats. They are both terrible parties for the black communities. So with this new knowledge what are we suppose to do? I guess choose the lesser of the evils right? I guess that would be a starting point, but I think It’s time to turn BLM into our political voting party. Yea, I think that’s a good idea. I’ll let you be the judge.



Find Hillary’s racial comments below:

The Fear of 13, Netflix Documentary


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