Pay Your Rent Or Go To Jail


In Arkansas, which is the second poorest state in the union, if you don’t pay your rent on time you face 90 days in jail.

I’ve been a landlord several thousand times over, and I heard about the possibility of criminal laws to include some statues about evictions. But I never thought any such laws would ever pass. Amazingly, the second poorest state in America has adopted a law which if you’re not out of your home after 10days it becomes a criminal offense.

The Arkansas law has placed several people in jail for not paying their rent. Then to make matters even worse, to contest the criminal charges you’ll have to pay all the rent due plus court fees. How many people could do such a thing after they’ve been, not only put out a home but thrown in jail too? Most of the people live way below the standard national income level meaning they’re the poorest in the country. These people cannot afford proper representation in the court.

The law will allow you to live in the property for 10days before it’s filed into the County criminal system. The landlords only have to pay a small fee to the court for them to handle the eviction process. So this means the very people they’re throwing in jail for not paying their rent on time, are paying for they landlord’s eviction process through taxes.

This is something I think will or should be looked at by the Supreme Court. This is a gross miscarriage of justice in my opinion. Nobody should be thrown in jail just because they are late on their rent payment.


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